In our modern day world, teachers and practitioners can easily meet online to create a qi field and practice together. There are international groups with members from all over the world.

Online Group Practice

Teacher Linda Y. Qiu, M.D.

Sundays 10-11am: Breathing Exercises; Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method & Standing Meditation

Goals: Improve the energy and blood circulation of the whole body; Facilitate the energy exchange between our body and the universe; Strengthen the core; Improve extrasensory perception; Prevent and heal disorders.

Class link:

Wednesdays 8-9pmBody Mind Form & Meditation 

Goals: Open joints; Open energy centers; Improve blood circulation; Improve flexibility; Strengthen the core; Improve extrasensory perception; Prevent and heal disorders.

Class link is the same:

Mondays 9-10pm: Seven Chakras Breathing Meditation 

It is suitable for people who can or want to stay quiet for a while. You are welcome to join for the whole hour or attend for a short time.

We will practice mindful breathing through the seven chakras (energy centers) following a specific pattern. 

Goals: Cleanse the thoughts and emotions and unleash the body's self healing potentials; Open energy centers; Open Central Channel; Improve health and intelligence

Class link is the same:

If the above link doesn't work, please go to, click "Join a meeting", then enter the meeting ID 3758912523Fee by donation, weekly or monthly. Donate to  or email to nycemed@gmail.comor mail to Linda Y. Qiu, 110 William St, 19th floor, New York, NY 10038.

Linda Y. Qiu

Zhineng Qigong - Qi Channel

Founded by Maarten van Opstal in Belgium, this valuable channel presents Zhineng Qigong teachers from all over the world. Each teacher shares according to their preference so there are beautiful surprises during our 90 minutes together. On Sundays, either 9:00 or 10:00 EST, 14:00 or 15:00 GMT (depending on the location of the guest teacher), Qi Channel welcomes a high level teacher to Zhineng Qigong Qi Channel. This is free for all practitioners, and we are always delighted by the wisdom, scope and expertise of our teachers.

Upcoming teachers are announced on the Facebook page of the Qi Channel: 
Zhineng for more information.  

Harmonious Big Family - Daohearts Group

World Mingjue Community

Teacher Wei Qi Feng of the Daohearts Harmonious Big Family generously offers free online sessions for the World Mingjue Community. Mingjue is a state of pure consciousness which makes it possible for us to go beyond our habitual thought patterns and feelings to reach a state of balance and harmony in body and mind. Teacher Wei shares from his heart, teaching us to overcome limitations.  From our own stable, peaceful, pure consciousness state we are better able to help ourselves and each other, to live happy, harmonious, healthy lives. Through mingjue practice, you can reach a harmonious and stable mind state, balance the energy of the whole body, and clear away all kinds of illnesses. The beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself.

Here is a link to 13 Mingjue Practice recordings by Teacher Wei Qi Feng