Developed by Dr. Pang He Ming in China, Zhineng Qigong includes ancient body and mind practices known to improve health and prevent illness. Integrating Daoist, Buddhist and Confucian wisdom with medical and traditional qigong practices into one system, Zhineng Qigong provides a wealth of tools which we can use to improve all of our abilities in daily life.    

Study of Zhineng Qigong Theory and practice of its methods leads practitioners to better develop mind and body functions; balance emotions and energies; open energetic blockages; increase flexibility, immunity, and self-awareness. 

Through our practice we learn to go beyond layers of societal conditioning, to awaken the pure consciousness state and meet our true, natural self. This brings peace of mind, the realization that unconditional happiness is possible, and release from the fetters of old, unnecessary reference frameworks. In a word: Freedom.  

Zhineng Qigong has dynamic (moving) and static (still) practices through which we quieten our minds, focus inwardly, let go of stress, and become more aware of our life activity, both inner and outer. We learn how to control our minds and strengthen our will power as our bodies also become stronger and more beautiful.

I am Ellen Looft, certified Zhineng Qigong teacher, based on Staten Island, New York. I teach at both island YMCAs and the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. I also guest teach and attend other classes in Manhattan, just across the water, and participate in online classes followed by Zhineng Qigong practitioners all around the world. 

 Zhi means Wisdom. Neng is Capability. Qi, loosely translated, is Energy, and Gong is Cultivation. So our practice of Zhineng Qigong helps us to adjust our mind, energy, and body, improving wisdom and ability. 

Improve body, improve mind, enjoy your beautiful life! 

Ellen Looft    
Staten Island, New York  
+1 347 547 9968